taught by Maile Flanagan - IMDB

Are you thinking of doing a demo?
Have you been auditioning for jobs but not booking them?
Do you need someone to coach you to get a better performance?
Do you need time and practice in a booth to step up your game?
Do you want some inside tips and techniques?
Are you working on-camera and thinking of exploring voiceover?

Introducing a new 2 night workshop for working actors.
This workshop is limited to 6 people to maximize your time on the microphone.

Class description and Bio below.

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interested and I can provide you further details.
Deposit of $100 required to save a slot!

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Class Info


Voiceover Techniques
Develop your own "signature sound"
How to do a better read
Tricks and techniques for working with the copy
How to interpret confusing copy
Figure out your strengths and weaknesses
How to stand out in an audition
Working with different types of copy (commercial, animation, video games, narration, spokesperson)
Using your skills to your advantage
Finding your basic characters
Discovering if you can do voice-matching

Hands-on work on the mic
Critique, advice and one-on-one work
Practice, practice, practice

The Biz
Inside tips for the business
Explanation of what directors/producers are looking for
Advice on further training
Advice on demos
*critique/advice on demos if students already have one

Copy is provided. Students leave with a disk of their auditions/work when they leave the workshop and a worksheet with advice, further resources, and web resources.

Maile Flanagan Bio

Maile Flanagan. In 2006 Maile won and in 2007 she was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Performer in An Animated Program for "Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks" on PBS, a show she did for five seasons. She was also nominated for an Annie Award for the same show. She recently completed her 300th episode, 22nd video game and 4th movie as the title character of Naruto, the worldwide anime hit, which takes her around the world speaking to conventions. Other animated roles: recurring on "Back at the Barnyard" on Nickelodeon, the upcoming animated-live action feature "Cheap As Dirt" starring Johnny Depp and animated feature "Kung Fu Magoo", Ice Age 3, Final Fantasy 13, Chicken Little (pilot), Tom and Jerry: The Magic Ring, Oh Yeah!Cartoons, Toy Warrior and many pilots. She also voice-matches many kids voices for features and other projects and is the title voice for several attractions including "If I Ran the Zoo" at Universal studios. On camera roles include: "Yes Man" "500 Days of Summer", "Evan Almighty", "The Number 23", "The Station Agent", "Phone Booth", "61*", recurring on "Grey's Anatomy", "The Class", and "Reno 911!": " <> " (also writer/producer), "ER", "The Office", "Desperate Housewives", etc. Her acting career started at Boston College in an improv comedy troupe and continued to Minneapolis where she appeared on local stages including Dudley Riggs, the Children's Theatre Company, and her one-woman Sound of Music. In her spare time she does theater in LA, most recently she was in the smash hit Voice Lessons by Justin Tanner with Laurie Metcalf and French Stewart.